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"The Advanced Performance Institute profoundly challenges many prevailing assumptions about measurement and management. It is your chance to be enlightened. If you feel that you are measuring the wrong things, if you feel you haven't identified all your intangible value drivers, and if, like DHL, you think you should, then talk to them."

GaryCrates, CommercialDirector, DHL


"Bernard Marr of the Advanced Performance Institute has skilfully guided our board and executive team through the strategy mapping process leading to the development of an innovative Corporate Strategic Plan which will shape and drive the performance of our organisation over the next 3 years."

Dr. Ian Carson, Chairman, RQIA



"Bernard has the very rare qualities of being able to think strategically, whilst delving into the detail of an organization, and understanding exactly what makes it work. His ability to quickly understand the organization, its key challenges and strategic priorities is second to none. Bernard helped our organization move forward in terms of strategic planning, implementation and measurement. We are now well placed to deliver on this strategy in the coming years. Bernard is one of the most intelligent, personable and capable consultants that I have worked with."


Andrea Smith, Head of Strategy, International Bacalaureate


"There have been many great strides made in Data, Analysis, Analytics and Business Performance, but Bernard Marr is the master chef, who shows us all how to combine these natural ingredients into a business enterprise that makes best use of it's data assets to drive to peak Business Performance. Both my business performance work and it's resulting benefit to my clients have been positively influenced by Mr. Marr's lectures, papers and books. Indeed, it is rare for such a brilliant visionary as Bernard to also be an effective communicator, accomplished in multiple mediums, with equal capacity to be thoroughly understood by Data, Analytics and Business Performance Practitioners as well as their CEO, COO and other Leaders. If you are at all serious regarding improving your organization's performance, Bernard's latest book, The Intelligent Company, must be included in your reading list. Personally, I have found Bernard to be a very approachable Author and Subject Expert, eager to share his vast experiences and skills in order to assist colleagues and business organizations to achieve maximum business performance."

Russ Cheesman, Lead Performance Management Consultant, Kaiser Permanente



"The performance management audit conducted by the Advanced Performance Institute helped us to understand how close to best practice we were with our PM approach."

Sally Sherwood, Barclays


"We have worked with the Advanced Performance Institute to map our strategy. We now use this strategy map to guide our performance measurement and data collection for our scorecard."

Roy Burke, Chief Executive, GCDS


"The Advanced Performance Institute helped our team of directors to agree on an integrated strategy, all mapped on one piece of paper and they gave us an easily understandable, staged process to form our Balanced Scorecard from our high level strategy"

Andy Pepper, Director, Tetley



"The API facilitated the creation of our corporate strategic map, the design of meaningful indicators, and the implementation and cascade of this approach through our organisation. The great experience of the API made our performance management implementation a smooth process - an impressive achievement!"

Ronan Cregan, BelfastCity Council



 "Mapping our mission and strategy into a value creation map has given us a powerful tool to communicate our strategic objectives and align our performance reporting and performance reviews. Working with the API has enabled us to agree a set of relevant performance indicators which allow us to review progress against corporate and business plan objectives. It also has given us a meaningful format for reporting performance information to the senior management team in a way that facilitates discussion and decision making."

Clare McCullough, National Lottery Commission


"The API has conducted an independent audit of the RAF performance management and balanced scorecard practice. The assessment and audit were carried out quickly and thoroughly, providing us with a clearly articulated pathway of how to closely align ourselves with global best practice."

Mark Williams, Ministry of Defence


"The API conducted an audit of our performance management approach which highlighted a clear pathway and simple steps to improve performance management even further in our organization"

Geoff Bushell, Business Improvement Manager, South Oxfordshire District Council


Bernard Marr's approach has provided us with invaluable insights about our business and allowed us to validate ou rbusiness hypotheses."

Dr.HolgerAdelmann, AstraZeneca


"Merging and integrating four main Government departments is a major challenge. The Advanced Performance Institute has worked with us to create an integrated strategy, mapped into a strategic map outlining the key priorities and objectives of our newly merged organisation. This strategic map has been instrumental in the communication of our new direction and will form the basis for managing our performance."

John Wilkinson, Chief Executive, LPS

"The Advanced Performance Institute has helped us to get a grip on our strategy. Before, we were struggling to agree on one strategy and were measuring everything that was easy to measure. At the same time we where not getting any value from colleting all that data. With the approach introduced and facilitated by Bernard Marr we were able to clarify and map our strategy on one piece of paper, identify the key performance questions we as executives want to answer on a regular basis, and design meaningful indicators that will help us answer those questions. For me, we now have performance management Nirvana!"


Wing Commander Paul Jackson, Royal Air Force


Bernard Marr's work on value driver mapping at NovoNordisk has been remarkably valuable. It allowed us to make transparent the impact of our intangible heritage (Triple Bottom Line business principle and NovoNordisk Way of Management) on our overall business performance. It also enabled us to include indicators for our intangible performance drivers in our strategic planning and performance monitoring.

HanneSchou-Rode, VicePresident,BusinessStrategy&Governance,



"As a major charity we have to ensure that we make best use of our resources to provide the highest quality care and research to support people affected by motor neurone disease.  For that purpose we needed to clearly understand our strategy, including outcomes, core competencies and enablers.  We then needed to put in place performance indicators and processes to better manage what really matters.  The facilitation of this process by Bernard Marr of the Advanced Performance Institute has been invaluable.  Bernard has the gift to simplify complex issues and engage with staff to ensure the process stays on track and delivers a management system that helps us to manage what matters.  The performance management system we now have in place doesn't only provide us with a clear focus but also allows us to better communicate our purpose internally and externally.  In fact, it allows us to demonstrate that we are fulfilling our aims and making progress towards our goals, which in turn motivates and encourages our supporters and stakeholders.  One of the many benefits of this has been a demonstrable improvement in our ability to influence potential corporate and individual donors."

Dr Kirstine Knox, Chief Executive, Motor Neurone Disease Association


Belfast City Council works in an environment where no one political party enjoys overall control.  This brings particular challenges in trying to get a collective focus around the important issues that face the City and in aligning the Council's strategy to address these issues.  The Value Creation Map process facilitated by Bernard Marr of the Advanced Performance Institute has helped to change the performance culture of the organisation to one where performance is discussed in an open manner, is concentrated on the matters that will help to improve our citizens' quality of life and at the same time allows Members to hold officers to account for delivery. 

Peter McNaney, Chief Executive,BelfastCity Council


"Bernard Marr has delivered a clear, engaging and practical guide to implementing strategic performance management initiatives and projects. His new book reveals best practices - as well as traps to be avoided - for any organization seeking secrets to success in performance management. As a leader in performance management software, Hyperion is proud to be associated with this groundbreaking book, as well as being an ongoing sponsor of Marr's research with customers."

Godfrey Sullivan, CEO and President, Hyperion Solutions


"Bernard Marr of the Advanced Performance Institute is one of the most motivating and engaging speakers I have ever had the pleasure to listen to."

Senior Manager, HSBC


"I was blown away with Bernard Marr's keynote presentation at a major UK conference. Subsequently, I invited Bernard to present to our senior managers atNottinghamshireCountyCouncil.  His briefing provided a refreshing take on the issue of strategic performance management.  His ideas provided an excellent response to our current reactive culture of audit and evaluation.  Bernard has helpedNottinghamshireCountyCouncil understand the barriers to transformation and he and his ideas will remain a key guide for the foreseeable future".

Robin Smith, Nottinghamshire County Council


"The Advanced Performance Institute gave an extremely informative keynote session with an insight that can only be obtained through several years of experience in the field. It answered many questions and also raised several. They are clearly innovators in this area. Most definitely worth the attendance."

Senior Executive, Vodafone

"Great training programme! Impressive how such a complex subject can be made so easy to understand through the intelligent use of analogies and real life examples."

Executive, GlaxoSmithKline



"Bernard Marr is one of only a handful of people I look to for leadership in the field of performance measurement and management. Bernard is also one of the most productive people I know. His books are essential works in the field, and many of them have a prominent place on my own bookshelf. I have learned a great deal from Bernard and have referenced his insights in my own books and presentations. He is also very generous with his time and expertise. I am honored to consider Bernard as both a colleague and a friend and I enthusiastically recommend him to anyone who is looking for one of the most outstanding experts in the field to advise them and their organization on to use performance measurement and management well."

Dean Spitzer, Ph.D., President, Dean R Spitzer & Associates Inc


"We utilized Bernard Marr to develop two guidelines for our members on intellectual capital management and evidence-based management. Bernard has a sophisticated understanding of performance management, a practical approach to implementation, and is very effective at communicating his ideas. The guidance documents and the related webcast presentations have proven to be valuable resources for our members and Bernard was excellent to work with in all respects on these projects."

Ken Witt, The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)


"With 'The Intelligent Company' concepts, Bernard Marr has provided an excellent set of tools and techniques for managers and leaders at all levels to achieve outstanding success. His books provide a valuable roadmap to successful, significant decision making, based fundamentally on knowledge and science, helping leaders migrate from traditional, intuition based reasoning. He does a great job presenting his concepts and perspectives, and provides ample examples and ideas for support. One key aspect is his emphasis of the need to develop intelligence around a company's strategies, and especially to communicate information effectively to enable real-time actionable data-driven decisions. His use of scorecards and dashboards is exemplary as well. I would welcome any opportunity to work with Bernard and/or study under him; it would be an honor, he is one of few true experts in the field."

Frederick 'Rick' Buchman, Co-Founder & Executive Partner, The Balanced Business Institute

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