Key Performance Indicators For Dummies
Bernard Marr
This book helps managers understand the crucial KPIs that should be implemented for all different aspects of the organisation,including financial performance, operational and internal processes, sales and marketing, customer satisfaction and more. Good KPIs should be unique to every business, as every business has different objectives. To meet this need, the book provides tools and templates that leaders can use to develop unique KPIs that best suit their particular organisation or industry.

Learn to design KPIs that are unique to your business and fit closely to your strategic objectives.

Determine which KPI questions you should be asking to achieve the right insights for your business.

Learn the specific KPIs that are appropriate for different business circumstances.

Turn KPIs into deep insights by mastering related reporting and communications practices.

KPIs are a crucial part of every manager′s toolkit, and are essential for helping to monitor the execution of business strategies and measure results. Key Performance Indicators For Dummies moves beyond a basic discussion of what KPIs are, and why they are needed to provide a complete guide for learning to design and use specific KPIs to drive organisational performance.
Key Performance Indicators: The 75+ Measures Every Manager Needs to Know
Bernard Marr
Performance indicators are essential tools which will tell you if your business is on target or veering off course. Using the right indicators will help you deliver the right results. Key Performance Indicators cuts straight to the 75 + KPIs that ...
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