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Every organisation, business unit, project or individual needs performance indicators to monitor and improve what they do. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are the vital navigation instruments that help them understand whether they are on a successful journey or not.  The right set of KPIs will pinpoint current performance levels and shine light on areas that need attention. Without the right set of KPIs everyone is flying blind.

Here at the Advanced Performance Institute we specialise in helping organisations - across all sizes and industries, public or private - develop and use KPIs. As the world-leading KPI consulting organisation we pride ourselves at taking the pain out of anyone's KPI challenge by developing relevant and meaningful KPIs for anything, even the most difficult and intangible areas of performance.

We help clients with designing, analysing, visualising, reporting and using performance information so they get the insights they need to dive their business forward. All of our consulting engagements are customised to the exact needs of our clients but typical assignments include:

  • Developing complete corporate KPI frameworks for companies, including for many of the best-known blue chip companies across the globe.
  • Developing outcome-based performance frameworks for governments, government departments and public sector bodies.
  • Creating insightful scorecards and dashboards to monitor corporate performance or specific business areas (e.g. finance, customer, operations, quality, staff, IT, supply chain, etc.)
  • Making anything measurable and developing sets of KPIs for even the most difficult to measure areas of performance (e.g. government policy implementations, marketing effectiveness, customer life-time value, supplier relationships, corporate brand image and reputation, predicting financial performance, impact of charities, regulatory compliance, human capital, staff engagement, clinical trials, etc.)
  • Evaluating and optimising existing performance measurement approaches.
  • Helping organisations to develop meaningful targets and benchmarks for their KPIs.
  • Setting up best-practice qualitative and quantitative data collection systems for KPIs (including automated data collection, surveys, focus-groups, contextualised observations, 360-degree assessments, peer reviews, mystery shopping, big data, etc.)
  • Helping organisations with analysing KPI data (including impact analysis, time lag analysis, business experiments or cause-and-effect analysis, etc.)
  • Developing best-practice data visualisations and charts to effectively communicate insights from the KPIs and performance data.
  • Helping clients select the most appropriate KPI, dashboard or score carding software solutions.
  • Assisting clients with putting in place processes and creating the right culture so that KPIs are used to inform fact-based decision-making and performance improvement.
  • Providing in-company training and coaching on performance measurement, KPIs, data analysis and evidence-based management.

We have been fortunate enough to help many of the world's best-known companies and government organisations measure and manage their performance. Based on that vast experience we have created many best-practice approaches that will allow us to address your KPI and metrics issues in a fast and cost effective manner. Simply get in touch to explore how we might be able to help you.



Mapping our mission and strategy into a value creation map has given us a powerful tool to communicate our strategic objectives and align our performance reporting and performance reviews.
Clare McCullough, National Lottery Commission
Bernard Marr’s work on value driver mapping at Novo Nordisk has been remarkably valuable. It allowed us to make transparent the impact of our intangible heritage (Triple Bottom Line business principle and Novo Nordisk Way of Management) on our overall business performance. It also enabled us to include indicators for our intangible performance drivers in our strategic planning and performance monitoring.
Hanne Schou-Rode, Vice President, Novo Nordisk A/S
As a major charity we have to ensure that we make best use of our resources to provide the highest quality care and research to support people affected by motor neurone disease. For that purpose we needed to clearly understand our strategy, including outcomes, core competencies and enablers. We then needed to put in place performance indicators and processes to better manage what really matters. The facilitation of this process by Bernard Marr of the Advanced Performance Institute has been invaluable. Bernard has the gift to simplify complex issues and engage with staff to ensure the process stays on track and delivers a management system that helps us to manage what matters. The performance management system we now have in place doesn’t only provide us with a clear focus but also allows us to better communicate our purpose internally and externally. In fact, it allows us to demonstrate that we are fulfilling our aims and making progress towards our goals, which in turn motivates and encourages our supporters and stakeholders. One of the many benefits of this has been a demonstrable improvement in our ability to influence potential corporate and individual donors.
Dr Kirstine Knox, Chief Executive, Motor Neurone Disease Association
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