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Based on our extensive global experience we have picked the most insightful and relevant Key Performance Indicators in key business areas. Browse our KPI example library using the menu on the left, and choose the right measures for you and your company. It's free!

Important Advice:

Please note that while this KPI library is a great starting point and will give you crucial insights into potential KPIs for your organisation, there will be additional KPIs that you will need. These additional KPIs measure the more unique and specific areas of your business and you will never find them in any KPI library, they need to be designed specifically. There is a real danger of relying too heavily on generic KPIs because more often than not it is the unique KPIs that will provide the most relevant insights that best inform decision making and learning.

More detailed descriptions and worked examples of how to measure specific KPIs can be found in the book "Key Performacne Indicators - The 75+ measures every manager needs to know".

Key Performance Indicators: The 75+ Measures Every Manager Needs to Know Bernard Marr More