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Here is a selection of (free to download) white papers on key enterprise performance management.

How to design Key Performance Indicators
How to design Key Performance Indicators This management white paper explains the role of metrics (or Key Performance Indicators – KPIs) within managing and improving performance. It makes clear that KPIs should be meaningful and relevant, which is oftentimes not the case in organizations. The paper also outlines that KPIs should be used for learning and improvement and extracting meaningful insights to inform evidence-based decision making. A 20-step indicator design template is provided that will assist anyone in the selection and best-practice design of KPIs.
What are Key Performance Questions?
What are Key Performance Questions? Key Performance Questions (KPQs) are a new and important development in the field of performance management. This management white paper describes in simple terms what Key Performance Questions are and how they can be used to guide the design of meaningful performance indicators and to engage people in dialogue about performance. The management white paper includes detailed guidance on how to create best-practice KPQs and includes many real life examples.
What is a modern Balanced Scorecard?
What is a modern Balanced Scorecard? The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) is a very powerful and successful strategic performance management tool. This management white paper describes a BSC in simple terms. The paper outlines the four perspectives of a Balanced Scorecard and explains the importance of Strategy Maps. It shows how many organisations use the Balanced Scorecard today and describes the key benefits of a scorecard implementation and how to ensure that it is used to deliver improved strategic understanding and better performance.
Key Performance Indicators: The 75+ Measures Every Manager Needs to Know
Bernard Marr
Performance indicators are essential tools which will tell you if your business is on target or veering off course. Using the right indicators will help you deliver the right results. Key Performance Indicators cuts straight to the 75 + KPIs that ...
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