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World's largest study: 20 Years of Enterprise Performance Management

The Advanced Performance Institute (API) is pleased to announce the findings of a worldwide study conducted in conjunction with Actuate Corporation. We have taken the 20th anniversary of the Balanced Scorecard - one of the most popular performance management tools - to conduct a global study to understand the current state of business performance management (BPM). 


The study 'Measuring and Managing Performance - A Global Study' incorporated responses from over 3,000 companies across the globe, making it one of the largest and most comprehensive surveys ever conducted in the field of performance management.


The newly released white paper 20 Years of Measuring and Managing Performance: From KPIs and Dashboards to Performance Analytics and Big Data outlines the findings of the study and provides a BPM maturity model. The lead researcher and author of the white paper Bernard Marr comments 'While the results of the survey reveal that most companies measure, monitor and analyze their performance, not all generate the level of benefits expected from their efforts. By analyzing the survey results we were able to determine seven key factors that contribute to higher satisfaction and maturity levels of BPM efforts.' 


More mature BPM approaches generate significantly higher business benefits. The seven factors that were common among more mature BPM approaches were:

  1. Buy-in and ownership of BPM is pervasive throughout the business
  2. The reasons for measuring and managing performance are internal and voluntary
  3. Companies align strategic measures with operational measures
  4. There is an alignment between traditional performance measurement and performance analytics
  5. The focus of measuring and managing performance is now and the future
  6. There is a focus on data quality
  7. Companies have dedicated technology to measure and manage performance.

Some key numbers include:

  • 3,083 companies were surveyed
  • 32% of responses came from companies with 5,000 employees or more
  • 20% of companies have not yet benefited from the evolution of BPM
  • Over two-third of all companies surveyed use KPIs, making it the most widely used BPM tool
  • 60% of respondents use performance appraisals
  • 38% of companies surveyed use the Balanced Scorecard
  • Financial performance it the most measured aspect of business
  • While 63% of respondents reported positive levels of satisfaction with their performance measurement activities, 37% reported levels of dissatisfaction
  • 19% of respondents reported their main motivation for measuring and reporting performance is to comply with external demands
  • About one-third of companies reported that their performance measurement activities mainly focus on the past
  • 61% of respondents primarily use office tools to report and analyze their performance


You can read /download the executive summary of the study from here

To obtain a copy of the full report, please follow this link to the Actuate website.

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