Perfomance Management Training

We provide performance coaching to executive teams, boards as well as individual leaders. Recent engagements included:

  • Coaching board of directors on leading a high performance organisation
  • Working with individuals on managing, reviewing and improving performance
  • Working with leadership teams on creating a performance improvement culture
  • Challenging leaders and leadership teams on strategic focus, future performance and the processes used to drive success
  • Creating the right environment for reviewing and presenting performance to drive improvements
  • Moving teams from a command-and-control culture to a performance improvement culture
  • Working with individuals to improve their leadership and performance management skills

We would be most happy to discuss any of your specific coaching needs. To discuss, contact us.

I recently attended a workshop organised by CIMA at which Bernard Marr was the presenter. His communication skills are exceptional, understanding and knowledge unquestionable and enthusiasm for the subject positively infectious! His presentation was engaging, thought provoking and insightful; well worth attending. I can honestly say that I have never known a business seminar be so fascinating and engrossing. I was genuinely disappointed when it ended. I’d encourage anyone who gets the opportunity to attend one of Bernard’s seminars to grasp it with both hands.
Dominic Sears FCMA MIoD, Managing Director, Suttongate Consulting Ltd
With 'The Intelligent Company' concepts, Bernard Marr has provided an excellent set of tools and techniques for managers and leaders at all levels to achieve outstanding success. His books provide a valuable roadmap to successful, significant decision making, based fundamentally on knowledge and science, helping leaders migrate from traditional, intuition based reasoning. He does a great job presenting his concepts and perspectives, and provides ample examples and ideas for support. One key aspect is his emphasis of the need to develop intelligence around a company's strategies, and especially to communicate information effectively to enable
Frederick 'Rick' Buchman, Co-Founder & Executive Partner, The Balanced Business Institute
Key Performance Indicators: The 75+ Measures Every Manager Needs to Know
Bernard Marr
Performance indicators are essential tools which will tell you if your business is on target or veering off course. Using the right indicators will help you deliver the right results. Key Performance Indicators cuts straight to the 75 + KPIs that ...
KPI Library
Discover the right Key Performance Indicators for your business.
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