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NEW! Public Sector And Not For Profit Focus
Doing More with Less 2nd edition
Doing More with Less 2nd edition Bernard Marr & James Creelman

Measuring, Analyzing and Improving Performance in the Not-For-Profit and Government Sectors

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Strategic Performance Management
Strategic Performance Management Bernard Marr

This best selling book on strategic performance management outlines a practical step-by-step approach to the topic. Using many real life case examples it shows how organisations can identify and map their strategy, design relevant and meaningful performance indicators, and more importantly how to use these indicators to extract real management insights.

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Managing and Delivering Performance
Managing and Delivering Performance Bernard Marr

Most government-, public sector-, and not-for-profit organizations are struggling to effectively measure and manage performance. This practical book focuses on how those organizations can measure and manage what really matters. It demonstrates public sector 'best practice' and is packed with relevant public sector examples and cases from the UK, Europe, Asia and the US.

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More with Less: Maximizing Value in the Public Sector
More with Less: Maximizing Value in the Public Sector Bernard Marr & James Creelman

Times are hard for most public sector organisations as budgets keep shrinking and efficiency savings are top of the agenda. This timely book provides public sector managers with practical tools to deliver 'More with Less'. Looking at real-world examples from across the globe it outlines how to apply performance management and improvement tools like Balanced Scorecards and Lean to deliver improvements and efficiency savings in public sector organisations. 

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Balanced Scorecards for the Public Sector
Balanced Scorecards for the Public Sector Bernard Marr

This new report will provide you with a thorough understanding of how this powerful management tool can rapidly improve performance and efficiency within public sector organisations. Packed with real-life examples and following a step-by-step logic, it sets out a best-practice framework to enable you to build and deploy a balanced scorecard system within your organisation, revealing the necessary measures and actions required to tackle the challenges ahead.

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