Performance Management Consulting

Managing performance is THE most critical task of any executive or manager.  If organisations get it right, their performance management processes allow them to monitor, manage and improve the execution of the strategy and the delivery of success.

Based on global best practice research and vast project experience from around the world we work with corporate and government clients on any aspect of performance management.  Typical assignments include:

  • Designing and implementing corporate performance management systems
  • Developing enterprise performance management frameworks
  • Creating Balanced Scorecards and Strategy Maps
  • Reviewing, benchmarking  and optimising existing performance management approaches
  • Creating business unit or project scorecards (e.g. HR Scorecards, IT Scorecards, Sales Scorecards, Programme Scorecards, etc.)
  • Visualising and reporting performance through best-of-breed performance reports and dashboards
  • Delivering in-house training programmes and coaching on any aspect of performance management
  • Improving insights by aligning strategic performance management  with business intelligence and analytics
  • Improving decision making by aligning strategic performance management  with financial planning, consolidation, budgeting and forecasting
  • Aligning people performance with corporate performance
  • Establishing incentive and reward systems and performance related pay mechanisms
  • Delivering board development sessions and executive performance coaching
  • Setting up and training in-house performance management and business intelligence teams
  • Helping to create a performance focused culture
  • Implementing the principles of a high performing organisation
  • Providing independent advice on using and selecting performance management software solutions

Our proven and tested step-by-step processes have been perfected through real-life implementation experience across many industries and sectors. All our interventions are optimised to generate maximum benefits to our clients and are uniquely tailored to their needs and circumstances.  We work in close partnership with our clients to achieve the best skills transfer and sustainable outcomes.

Learn more and see how we have successfully delivered performance management assignments by reading client case studies and best-practice examples in our case study and publication library.

Bernard Marr enabled us to develop a value chain approach to performance management. We learnt to measure what was important and to not develop KPIs that did not actually enable us to create real value for our Stakeholder. Bernard was always willing to share his expertise and worked well with our team.
Maria Weir, Operations Director, IAC
The Strategic Performance Management process we went through, facilitated by Bernard Marr of the Advanced Performance Institute, allowed us to clarify and map the strategy of our Force. The force has now been in existence for over 25 years and this is the first time we have had an agreed strategy that clearly identifies our output deliverables and performance enablers. In addition to this we now have a framework of key performance questions we need to answer on a regular basis in order to manage our performance today and in the future. These questions also allowed us to design a set of meaningful key performance indicators. Whereas before we were measuring and reporting a lot of unnecessary data, now we have a clearly aligned framework.
Group Captain Mark Roberts, Royal Air Force
The API has conducted an independent audit of the RAF performance management and balanced scorecard practice. The assessment and audit were carried out quickly and thoroughly, providing us with a clearly articulated pathway of how to closely align ourselves with global best practice.
Mark Williams, Ministry of Defence
Performance Management implementation facilitated by Bernard Marr of the Advanced Performance Institute has helped to change the performance culture of the organisation to one where performance is discussed in an open manner, is concentrated on the matters that will help to improve our citizens’ quality of life and at the same time allows Members to hold officers to account for delivery.
Peter McNaney, Chief Executive, Belfast City Council
The performance management audit conducted by the Advanced Performance Institute helped us to understand how close to best practice we were with our PM approach.
Sally Sherwood, Barclays
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