Strategy Management Consulting

In order for any organisation to be successful it needs a good plan that is understood and executed well. We work with organisations on any aspect of strategy development and strategy execution. Our clients span all sizes and sectors with typical assignments including:

  • Developing and clarifying strategic objectives, mission, vision and values
  • Reviewing and optimising strategic plans
  • Identifying the critical few strategic objectives that will deliver future success
  • Improving existing strategies to increase shareholder value
  • Identifying the key competitive differentiators and critical success factors
  • Identifying cost savings and improving value for money in strategic plans
  • Creating best-in-class strategy maps and cause-and-effect models to increase strategic clarity and strategy communication
  • Cascading strategic plans and ensuring organisational alignment
  • Optimising organisational structure to ensure best delivery
  • Optimising resource allocation and project or programme portfolios
  • Generating cost savings by aligning strategic plans with process improvement, lean and six sigma optimisations
  • Aligning strategic plans with strategic risk management
  • Measuring and monitoring strategy delivery with best-practice KPIs and best of breed performance dashboards
  • Improving strategic reporting and governance
  • Setting up in-house strategy competency centers and strategy management offices
  • Providing in-house training and coaching on strategy and execution

All our advisory engagements are uniquely tailored to the needs and circumstances of our clients. Our approach is one of working in close partnership with our clients to achieve the best skills transfer and sustainable outcomes.

Learn more and see how we have successfully delivered strategy management assignments by reading client case studies and best-practice examples in our case study and publication library.

Bernard Marr of the Advanced Performance Institute is a rare find, he conveys a sense of simplicity and practicality to highly usable approaches for strategy management. His techniques are straightforward to assimilate and apply to the context of one's own organisation and enable a refreshing speed to strategy development leading to a highly communicable result. He speaks with great confidence, to audiences of any size including the most senior management and underpins his ideas and concepts by well-researched knowledge and through practical case studies. He is clearly an expert business practitioner who I thoroughly recommend, not least as we have successfully applied his approaches in recent times to the development of our Corporate Technical Strategy. This work readily garnered senior management buy-in and has attained Executive Board endorsement for our strategy map that links Bernard's concepts with our own on capability mapping (the latter of which have been published on with the API in a joint case study).
Andrew Gregory, Group Leader, Technical Capability & Outreach, AWE
The Advanced Performance Institute helped our team of directors to agree on an integrated strategy, all mapped on one piece of paper and they gave us an easily understandable, staged process to form our Balanced Scorecard from our high level strategy
Andy Pepper, Director, Tetley
Mapping our mission and strategy into a value creation map has given us a powerful tool to communicate our strategic objectives and align our performance reporting and performance reviews.
Clare McCullough, National Lottery Commission
Bernard Marr of the Advanced Performance Institute has skilfully guided our board and executive team through the strategy mapping process leading to the development of an innovative Corporate Strategic Plan which will shape and drive the performance of our organisation over the next 3 years.
Dr. Ian Carson, Chairman, RQIA
Merging and integrating four organisations is a major challenge. The Advanced Performance Institute has worked with us to create an integrated strategy, mapped into a strategic map outlining the key priorities and objectives of our newly merged organisation. This strategic map has been instrumental in the communication of our new direction and will form the basis for managing our performance.
John Wilkinson, Chief Executive, LPS
The Advanced Performance Institute has helped us to get a grip on our strategy. Before, we were struggling to agree on one strategy and were measuring everything that was easy to measure. At the same time we were not getting any value from collecting all that data. With the approach introduced and facilitated by Bernard Marr we were able to clarify and map our strategy on one piece of paper, identify the key performance questions we as executives want to answer on a regular basis, and design meaningful indicators that will help us answer those questions. For me, we now have performance management Nirvana!
Wing Commander Paul Jackson, Royal Air Force
We have worked with the Advanced Performance Institute to map our strategy. We now use this strategy map to guide our performance measurement and data collection for our scorecard.
Roy Burke, Chief Executive, GCDA
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